For this wallet I used:

2- 10x10in square pieces coordinating fabric
2-10x10in square pieces of fusible interfacing
1- 10x10in square; folded to fit credit cards=10x4in after folding
3- 10x4in for zip lining
1- 2x4in. fabric for closure
1 zipper and some Velcro
1- strip for binding; I used 1-1/2in. for mine.

I used iron on fusible interfacing to give stiffness to the first 2 pieces as they were used for the outer panel and lining. Then made a zippered pouch with card slots with the third 10 x 10 in square and the 3 10x4in pieces. 
First, I folded the 10x10in into sections like an accordion and sewed down the center to divide it into slots. 
I then used the 3 pieces of
10 x 4in for the lining of the zippered pouch, sewing these to the zipper the same way I did for the tote bags. I finished it off with a 1 1/2in binding around the edges and a flap with a big button hiding the velcro closure.

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