I created a design board on the wall with some cardboard and tape so 
I could layout and see where I was at in the making of it.
With the pieces I had left over, I made another box bag that was vinyl lined!
I am told that mommy and her newest angel love it!
Another quilt I'm still working with..I think I want to change the sashing.

New blocks I was attempting to make. I love the Illusion quilts!

Jelly Roll Quilt

Strip piecing is fun and fast. I made this quilt top in one day! I got the jelly roll on sale at JoAnn's for 50% off and made this quilt for a little under $30 for the strips and binding. The backing and batting was another $25 or so.

This Quilt is a Photo Quilt I made for a first birthday gift. All the pictures are
of their first year of life. I did a collage of pictures with him and each side of his family(mother's
side and his father's side) Also included a few others. This cute little guy was born on the 4th of July.

This is a Crazy Cat Quilt I made awhile back. I just did a 4 square piecing with a 2.5in. sash.

This is the Horse Quilt I made back in '09. Again, just did a 4 patch with sashing. Not sure why the date on the camera is off by a year, but it is what it is...ha!

This quilt top was made for my sister in-law's granddaughter. I should be finished with it and a few others by this coming Christmas 2014. I have a long list of things to put together, but this requires a specific background I'm still hunting for, it needs to just be something like polar fleece soft and with
skulls or something like that with pink in it.

This quilt I made for my first Grandbaby born 06-08-13. I made it out of pink and brown elephants and used a satin ruffle edging then placed a minky dimple dot fabric on the back for quilting I just stitched in the ditch again, not ready just yet to do free motion quilting..soon though!

New attempt at trying yarn around the edges.


This is one I made for my husband's second 
cousin who just had a baby last year, he's adorable! This is just simple square piecing and I did some yarn fringe for texture after quilting it with a stitch in the ditch method. 

Latest Project: Disappearing NinePatch
I'm just finishing up on this one. I plan on using a gray minky fabric for the backside. 


  1. That is so cool! So many styles, I really like the nine patch.

  2. This one went to the quilters grave yard..ha! I don't know, but there was something about it I couldn't accept....maybe the whit was too much of a contrast. Maybe I'll take it apart and replace the whit with something a little softer to tone it down a bit..we'll see. But thank you so much for the comments!

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